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Less Water. Healthy Landscape. More Savings.

Water Sprinkler

Irrigation Installation & Design

When it’s time to choose the right Lawn Irrigation System for your property, contact us for a FREE ESTIMATE & one of our specialists will carefully take the time to understand the needs of your property by determining soil conditions, water sources, pressure, planting materials, and anything else that might be an important element in your installation. We determine your lawn needs, but we listen to your ideas - to create your customized, perfect outdoor living space! 

Update an existing system

Over time, your landscape needs may grow or change. It is not uncommon for folks to add new gardens or flowerbeds to their properties. This can also change your needs as it relates to your existing sprinkler system. We are knowledgeable and qualified to advise you on what can be done to expand your current system. You can trust us to help you meet your growing needs.

Rusty old tap.

Maintenance & Repairs

We are Qualified to conduct an analysis of an existing sprinkler system, regardless of how and when it was installed or what kind of system it is, to provide you with emergency repairs and/or ongoing maintenance services.  

- If you find that your contractor has not taken the time to install your system properly or provide the necessary maintenance to keep it running smoothly  - We can help!

Night Lighting

At MyRain Sprinkler Systems, we are not only focused on the installation of your Irrigation System, but also the complete design! That is why we carry only the best Night Lighting products available and are committed to producing the perfect landscape for you & your family to enjoy - Let us design a lighting system to fit your landscape dreams!


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